About DigiBroz Technologies

We're a Software Development House focused on engineering tailored software. We consist of a group of passionate individuals with experience in different technologies and expertise in varying fields. Our network of freelancers,consultants & remote engineers have a wealth of knowledge and are available to assist you and your team.

We're Passionate about Software Engineering.

Our Mission

Our Mission here at DigiBroz Technologies is to use our technical expertise to help our clients solve day-to-day problems, as well as empower growing teams which aid in creating profitable businesses. We're eager to take on new challenges and scopes. We pride ourselves in being the support structure to our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision at DigiBroz Technologies is to empower our customers/clients. We want to help businesses adopt innovative solutions and help them create new business opportunities and employment. Our aim is to inspire through innovation and logic. We want to contribute to the technological industry and leave our technological footprint across Africa and the world.

More About Us

DigiBroz Technologies was officially founded & registered in 2016. We're a Start-Up that's constantly growing in influence.

Our team of freelance Software Engineers & Designers have well-over a decade in the Technology industry. We've had the opportunity to work with the greatest minds across Africa.

When we're not out there empowering teams and doing collaborative work, we're contributing to open source communities and projects. We're also open to assisting NGO's and non-profit organizations in providing solutions that empower Africa as a whole. We have in-house projects and products that we work on, and we also help companies with Development teams that need help in establishing Dev-Ops strategies & workflows. In our free time, we love to apply our knowledge and work on IoT(Internet of Things) projects & ideas. Most of our Engineers enjoy knowledge sharing and often contribute in writing articles and "how-to" guides.