Our Services & Skillset

DigiBroz Technologies has a wide offering of skills and technical expertise. We're able to solve problems in most industries. We're excited at the prospect of being your technological partner & starting a fruitful relationship of knowledge sharing and technological growth.

DigiBroz offerings

Our Services & Skillset

We provide a wide range of technical skills and services. We're happy to assist where we can.

Desktop & Web App Development

We build Web Applications/Portals/Dashboards. We build native desktop applications too.

Mobile App UI Design & Development

We build Mobile Applications for iOS and Android platforms. We Design custom UI's and UX journeys.

DevOps & Workflow Management/Support

We help design custom workflows and systems to help increase your support staff's productivity.

Custom API & Cloud Services Development

We build custom API's, cloud reliant platforms, and also assist with third-party integrations.

Our Work Process

Working with DigiBroz is as simple as setting up a meeting and showing up.

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  1. 1
    Set up a meeting (Physical or Digital)

    After a formal introduction, we discuss your requirements and take notes.

  2. 2
    We revert with our proposal

    We analyze your requirements and revert with a way forward. We discuss this before proceeding.

  3. 3
    We begin developing/working

    After all formalities and contracts are signed, we begin developing/working while keeping you in the loop.

We Code for People

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

Martin Fowler | Dev Quote

Preferred Technologies

We're not limited to these technologies. However, we do love working with the following stacks.

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Our Skills

Our Skills & Preferred Tech Stacks

Below is an elaborated list of the Tech Stack we usually work with for various tasks.

Desktop & Web App Development

Ionic, GoLang, PHP(Laravel), Python, Ruby, Dart, React, Vue, NodeJS.

Need a CRM(Customer Relationship Management Software)? An employee-onboarding system? An event booking system? Or just a reporting dashboard to manage your business? Need a Web-platform? A facebook application? A web-based invoicing solution? A Website? We develop, support and host(on the cloud) Web Applications for your business. If you need a custom Desktop application(installed on the operating system of your laptop/work-pc), we develop that too.

Mobile App UI Design & Development

Dart, React Native, Flutter, Vue Native, iOS & Android.

If you need a "downloadable" Mobile Application, we develop those too. We build, design and maintain applications built for iOS and/or Android. We're also in the business of developing User Experience Journeys(UX Design) to help launch your fresh new idea. We're available to consult and help you pick the right technologies for what your business requires.

DevOps & Workflow Management/Support

GoLang, Git, Mecurial, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Puppet.

If you need processes to help improve your business workflows, we can help develop that for you. We're also in the business of helping small to medium-sized companies in optimising their technological services. If your Development team needs help setting up processes/tech-stacks/servers/source-control repositories, we can help set that up and also train your team on how to integrate solutions into your work environment.

Custom API & Cloud Services Development

Firebase, AWS, Custom 3rd-Party Cloud Integrations, Custom APIs

Do you need a secure server(or cloud environment) to store all your company's documents and sensitive information. We can assist in setting that up for your business, and also assist in developing custom software solutions to manage the information and security of your platform. Does your organisation need to share documents or information across secure digital channels? We specialise in developing application interfaces(APIs) which interact with external digital platforms using secure protocols.